Are you looking to increase sales, improve communication with your customers or simply save money by providing easier and more efficient ways for your customers to order your products or services?

PrintNet Solutions is an industry leader in Web Delivered Cloud Based Solutions that streamline business process and provides Workflow Solutions. PrintNet Solutions utilizes a Hosted Cloud Based model and provides a number of Web-Based Solutions and Services that you and your company can leverage for cost savings and a competitive advantage.

PrintNet is a state of the art cloud based web to print management solution that simplifies and centralizes remote print jobs submissions to a print center or directly to a dedicated MFP within a print center. PrintNet leverages the Cloud and automatically converts several file types to PDF and embeds the finished, print and pricing criteria into the job file. PrintNet expands the power and value of MFP's and increases print flexibility and cost reduction for the print facility. PrintNet is also a leading edge cloud based web to print curriculum/forms management system combining curriculum management and smart board technology for the new electronic class room. Customizable teacher pages for curriculum management and communication between teachers, students, and parents are innovative and exclusive product features. Along with the education market, PrintNet also perfectly integrates with vertical markets of government, health care and business sectors.

*NEW* PrintNet Curriculum Manager helps teachers and administrators centralize, distribute, and manage educational content. From a central repository, teachers can create a custom dashboard, and even push content to electronic devices in the classroom to bring lesson plans to life.The solution has integrated a powerful and highly customizable curriculum manager to help educators manage their approved curriculum and course packs. PrintNet Curriculum Manager also comes standard with customizable teacher pages, providing the ability to connect lessons, tests, and homework digitally to any electronic whiteboard, tablet, cell phone, or other electronic device in the classroom. 

*NEW* PrintNet Health Forms is vertically focused on the healthcare industry and has an integrated SaaS platform with a very flexible and affordable pricing model.Virtually every hospital and healthcare facility in the country could benefit by having an affordable web-to-print submission tool and static forms manager that has the ability to handle their high volume and constantly changing static healthcare forms as well as having an automated reporting system for their centralized print center. 

CatalogNet is a web based suite of tools designed for the merchant and its customers to automate the catalog management and procurement process. We have created an exceptional suite of tools that exchange real time information between merchant, partner and customer at all points of contact including: E-Commerce, Mobile Sales Technology, Catalog Design, Management and Output.