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Picture a hardware distributer with 26,000 items in their inventory...  Picture the weeks and months spent trying to keep both the firm’s catalog... AND their on-line storefront current and accurate.

Picture the thousands of dollars continually heaped on that one simple task. Now picture a solution that’s as eloquent as it is simple.  Print Net Solutions® software writers have created a Bridge for INFOR® enterprise software users...(to see more watch the video or download the brochure)

PrintNet Solutions™ have created a “Bridge” for INFOR™ enterprise software users ...That bridge allows Print-Net’s very versatile catalog assembly utility to “listen” to the company’s core INFOR data -- and automatically update the catalog as the core data is amended. Add an inventory item to that hardware distributor’s warehouse? It’s automatically in the next update of the catalog. Same with a price change or an item that’s out of stock. Doesn’t matter if you’ve made 1 change or 5000 -- this incredible time saver updates EVERY change from a firm’s core data into either the firm’s catalog, e-storefront, or both ... in seconds.